Exhibition rules and selection process


This note is for the information and guidance of members who are planning to submit pictures to one of the Art Circle's annual exhibitions.
The panel on Selection Day is made up of all members of the Council, except the Secretary and the Treasurer. This usually means a panel of 11 members.The paintings are slowly walked past the panel so that they all have a good view of the work. All 11 members vote, by show of hands, simultaneously, without discussion and immediately after the paintings are viewed. Sculptures are viewed separately, again by show of hands.
There are often 250 and 300 paintings submitted on selection day and these must all be received and recorded. Fees must also be taken. Some paintings are photographed. The two venues, the Hostry and the Forum, can only take a limited number of pictures, about a 100 plus sculptures. Much more than this and the exhibition looks crowded and unprofessional.
Paintings are divided into three categories depending on the number of votes. One group will be" ACCEPTED" and a second group" NOT SELECTED". A third group will have received a proportion of the votes and those with the most votes will be considered again so that enough paintings are available to mount a good, professional looking exhibition; usually about a hundred pictures.
Each member of the Panel votes as an individual but will bear in mind the following criteria┬╗
1. Composition
2. Artistic Competence - Is it well and confidently executed.
Are tonal values well arranged.
Is colour well handled.
3. Is it well presented? - Is framing of suitable quality.
Mounts are often too narrow.
Are the hanging supports secure.
Framing. Oil paintings should preferably be framed but, if they are not they should be painted over the edge of the canvas or painted white on the edge. All work should be of exhibition quality.
Size. The Forum and the Cathedral have a limited space and we want to include as many artists work as possible. We would prefer pictures to fit comfortably within the width of a screen which is a metre wide. Larger paintings will be considered but may be rejected if they would dominate the exhibition.
Prints. The Art Circle do not accept "prints" of work created by photo litho processes.
Digitally enhanced photographs, photographs or computer generated work will not be accepted.